Govtec Services - Coffee Equipment Suppliers and Engineers.


Our journey to providing the Sunshine Coast's highest quality coffee equipment began 20 years ago in the UK.

My wonderful wife Monique and I, Trevor Williams, were living in the UK when our love for drinking coffee and the culture which surrounds it really came to the fore. Unfortunately, at the time it was near impossible to find a good cup of coffee on any high street in the UK. If we wanted to be satisfied, we had to look a little deeper.

As budding coffee geeks, we had an overwhelming desire to understand real quality coffee. With my technical background in Electronic Engineering, it was natural that we entered an interesting period of research and development. We devoured every bit of literature going – including, the first coffee forum – which really started the ball rolling.

Many in the UK were going through the same experience we were, developing a love for coffee that transcended anything that was on offer. A specialty coffee culture began to emerge. London based brokers began sourcing speciality grade coffee for keen UK coffee heads like Monique and myself. To our delight, cupping awesome ‘cup of excellence’ coffees soon became very accessible.

Inevitably, we found that our passion for coffee could no longer be satiated as drinkers. We wanted to get our hands dirty, applying our knowledge to help drive this infant high-end coffee industry further. We set up a business providing event based espresso and catering solutions, with all beans coming from our own commercial roastery.

This led to a deeper understanding of the machines and the maintenance required to keep them in top condition. We believe we had the best maintained La Marzoccos and Rancilios in the whole of UK. Café owners around the country soon began turning to us for our expertise in technical repairs and servicing on coffee equipment, which eventually led to a arrangement exclusively servicing the UK’s group of Rancilio importers.

Monique and I were blessed with our first child, and this change of pace drove a desire for further changes in our lives. We sold our business in the UK and decided to relocate to beautiful Australia. I joined a great roasting and production team at the busy Merlo Coffee in Brisbane and felt very lucky to be able to continue my coffee journey in this environment. I had an awesome time, but again identified a need for high-quality technical servicing and maintenance in Brisbane and in the greater South-East Queensland area.

We took the leap six years ago when we acquired Espressonics (originally Govtec Services), a business already well established on the Sunshine Coast as electrical contractors. We further drove Espressonics Services’s primary focus on coffee equipment repairs, sales and service for coffee companies and end users. I couldn’t have asked for a better suited role – I was back to my roots as it were in the technical field, but could now focus this technical expertise on the coffee equipment and culture that I love.

Espressonics is now over 10 years old. We’re going to be here for a long time – the population on the Coast continues to grow, and the number of passionate coffee lovers is increasing at an even greater rate. We’re thrilled that a passion for coffee began over 20 years ago in the UK has now come to fruition on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Here’s to keeping the coffee flowing on the Sunshine Coast.