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Home Baristas

Don't go out for the very best coffee

By providing awesome equipment, training and servicing, we help coffee connoisseurs brew the best coffee they've ever tasted right in their own home.

You love your home. You should love your home coffee too.

Your home is your sanctuary. It's where you and your family can relax and rejuvenate, dropping all the pressures of daily life. If you love it as much as we do, quality coffee is a huge part of your life - so why should you have to venture out for your favourite brew? Monique and I love nothing more than helping passionate coffee lovers get the best quality coffee right in their own homes. We're not going to offend you by offering pods or sachets. We'll work with you to find the professional-grade machine and grinder that best suits your chosen blend, your usage habits and your home.


ExpobarOffice Leva


We can find you the perfect machine.

Here are a few machines that might suit your home.

3 good reasons to invite Govtec into your home

1Experience Over Expense

You don't need the most expensive equipment to get the best brewing experience. You need a high quality machine that responds to your needs. One that is suited to your home and habits. Work with us - the cost might pleasantly surprise you.

2Expert Maintenance Services

We're not going to set you up with a sophisticated machine then just walk away. We'll help you keep your machine running in top condition. We can handle everything from flushes to descaling, ensuring every brew is as good as the first.

3Informed Passion

We have a proud history in coffee as baristas, café managers, roasters and technicians. This expertise has only fuelled our coffee passion further. Trust us when we say we'll get you the best machine - we wouldn't work with anything less.

Ready for your home to be your new favourite cafe?

Drop in for a coffee and a chat.

Let’s talk about getting the best quality brew at your house. We’d love to help you find a machine that's perfect for you and your family. Visit us in our home at Mudjimba – we’d love to pour you a cup and get to know you.